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We believe in people before programs.

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We began working with the South Sudanese in 2000 and are going to keep working in South Sudan as long as it takes to build a nation for Christ.

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We are a team of passionate people dedicated to reaching every village of South Sudan with the spread of the gospel and community development.

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Our board is a group of godly men and women giving their wisdom and resources to see a nation transformed through sustainable ministry.

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In 2000, Frank Blackwood sensed God weeping for the people of southern Sudan and answered the call to minister to a generation who had been plagued by decades of war and poverty. This was the foundation of Every Village, then called Aid Sudan, with a primary goal to help the people of southern Sudan rebuild the devastations. 

In the years to come, Every Village would play an important role in laying the groundwork for the southern Sudanese to establish peace in their hearts and in their nation. And on July 9, 2011, we celebrated with our brothers and sisters of South Sudan as they broke off from Sudan to become the world's newest nation. But the struggle for independence left South Sudan as a nation far behind. They were a people with great challenges but with an equally great strength to persevere. Their needs were clear: a lack of access to safe water and the gospel of Christ. 

In response to these needs, Every Village began drilling of water wells to provide safe water to communities, launching radio stations to broadcast the gospel in local languages, and sending missionaries to teach South Sudanese leaders the word of God.


Aid Sudan is established to further the gospel of Jesus Christ among the southern Sudanese.


Aid Sudan drills its first water well and sends its first missionaries to southern Sudan.


Aid Sudan builds its first radio station and delivers its first batch of solar-powered radios to southern Sudan.


South Sudan gains independence from Sudan and Aid Sudan becomes Every Village to reflect a focus on South Sudan as the world's newest nation.


Every Village drills its 100th water well and delivers its 100,000th solar-powered radio in South Sudan.


Every Village celebrates its 20th anniversary of ministry to the South Sudanese.

As the impact of the ministry grew, we streamlined our strategic approach. In 2018, we closed the missionary program and handed leadership of daily ministry to the South Sudanese themselves. We continue to grow the reach of the radio network by building new stations and distributing more solar-powered radios. We also have shifted to a systems-based approach in the water program that expands beyond drilling to the facilitation of sustainable maintenance and repair services.

At Every Village, our commitment is to walk with the South Sudanese as long as it takes to build a nation for Christ. We know this won't happen overnight. It's a multi-generational movement impacting person by person, home by home, village by village.

our people

Our people are the heart of the ministry. It takes each and every team member to do what we do. Together, we are a passionate team dedicated to building a nation for Christ.


On July 1, 2020, Tonj Radio Presenter, Marko Agei, was traveling to visit his family in the village, when he was shot and killed as a part of an inter-tribal attack. Marko was only 24 years old but already had a great love for preaching the gospel by radio. Before his death, Marko said, "I am not a musician but a preacher. This was my childhood interest to be a preacher of Christ. I am now preaching to more than ten thousand within a minute. I am glad to serve Christ as his soldier."

In honor of his memory, we have established the Marko Agei Radio Memorial to send more radios to South Sudan. This is what he lived for and died doing. Every $20 sends another solar radio to a family in South Sudan. Please consider giving in Marko's honor so another family might receive daily access to Good News.


We would love to introduce you to one of our team members so that you can support their work financially and walk alongside them in the ups and downs of ministry life. Through P2P you will be able to communicate directly with them and develop a mutually enriching relationship.

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Robert Flesher – J2R Energy
Rene Joubert - i3 Interests
Ryan Lubs - Bell & McCoy Companies
Tom Owens – Retired, Hines
Lance Parker, Past Chair – PPL Motor Homes
Sander Ray, Vice Chair – Chord Energy
Mike Smith - Enterprise Products
Drew Steffen, Chair – McNair Interests
Ben Williams - Momentum Midstream


Heather Attaway - Hartree Partners, LP
Sterling Carter - Sterling Physical Therapy & Wellness
David Domine - Christian Brothers Automotive
Randy Giveans - Navigator Holdings
Kevin Ha - Safford
Amy Johnson - Community Volunteer
Ben Johnson - Newmark
Amy Lampi - BWF
Laurie Landrum - BDO USA
Jaime Ledford - Amegy Bank
Blake Mankin - Ronald Blue Trust
Mike Miertschin - Meter Loops and Power Poles
Lucas Motycka - Johnson Controls
Scott Phillips - Lavaca Capital
Armin Sakipour - Shell Trading US
Greg Usry - Retired, BKD
Kiel Von Feldt - Kaufman Hall
Kevin Wallen - Johnson Controls
Logan Wilkowich - Deloitte


We believe that the best stewardship comes from having an investment mindset to our work. So we strive for a high ROI on any US-related expenses, and we understand that any capital investments in South Sudan must be balanced with the operational investments necessary to support a sustainable impact.

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